Makita 1806b Hand Planer

The Makita 1806B is a planer that Makita itself states offers “sheer power, size and performance” and after using it, I definitely agree.

This lovely piece of kit is fitted with a 10.9 amp specially designed by Makita that hits you with 30,000 cuts per minute (well, hits the wood, not you). The design is sleek and it’s a great all purpose planer for anyone to use, from novice woodworker to the hardened professional.

If you still need convincing of buying this planer I will provide you with 7 reasons why everyone needs this planer in their work shed.

10.9 amp of terror

Makita 1806b Hand PlanerMakita 1806B
5.0 rating

The Makita 1806B comes fully fitted with a 10.9amp motor which operates the two blade cutter heads, they will chop everything in its path with its 15,000rpm power.

This planer comes fully loaded with two high speed steel planer blades that improves performance, and allows the planer to cut as much as 6-3/4 inches wide and 1/16inch deep in one single motion, now tell me that’s not bad ass?

The base is made from a precision machined aluminium base which gives allows the user better accuracy when planning.

Drives like a dream

A lot of thought has gone into the design and functionality of the Makita 1806B, the handle is made with adjustable depth settings along with both the front and back grips in alignment with one another to improve comfort for the user.

Another trick up the sleeve for this planer is that it has a lock on button on the sole plate, this increases the level of stability even more allowing to create the best finishes possible.

There is no chance you can put a foot wrong when using the Makita 1806B, it’s designed not to make errors and only give out perfect results.

It’s sexy

The Makita 1806B is the sexiest planer I have ever seen in my life, the finishing of the product is so tastefully designed. The colour scheme works and it even oozes the scent of man. It’s big, heavy and does the job at hand, the Makita 1806B is a woodworking tool fit for any tool shed or model runway.

All purpose machine

This planer can be used for casual home projects or in professional construction framing, door and window installation and fine woodworking.

The Makita 1806B is a planer of many talents and is capable of doing whatever you need from it, maybe even the dishes!


Who doesn’t love freebies? This planer comes along with a sharpening holder assembly, a wrench for when you need to open it up and both a guide and triangular rule.

In case all this wasn’t enough you are even provided with a blade set and a wooden tool case to keep your planer in when not in use to stop it from rusting.

Two blades

You get two types of blade cutters with this planer that provides more options when planning. The blades allow the 1806B to cut up to a depth of 6-3/4 inches and 1/16 in one single cut which allows work to be completed much faster.

The blades are created from high speed steel a common material used in top end products, using this type of steel allows a finer cut that ensure equal levels and guarantees whatever your sanding will come out smoother than a baby’s bottom.

You don’t need to worry about cutting yourself with the blades either, as they are covered by the case of the 1806B.

Who needs the gym?

I think the planer used to be a bodybuilder in its pervious life as it’s heavier than anything I have used before with a weight of 19.8lbs. The weight really gives it a sense of reliability and I’m sure if I threw this planer against my house that my house would fall down before any sighs of damage were made to the 1806B.

I used this planer a few weeks back to help my brother with some things, after 3-4 hours of use I felt like I had just had a session in the gym, which was great as I can work out while I work out!

The Makita 1806B is the daddy of planers and Makita who produce professional quality tools have really outdone themselves on this item.

Whether you just need to plane a table leg or scaffold some parts for a roof the Makita 1806B can do it all.

If you have any problems or faults within the first year of purchase don’t worry, the products comes with a full 1 year manufacturing warranty allowing you to exchange it for a brand new one.

Not that I ever think you would need to use the warranty as I’m pretty sure you or I will break before this piece of kit does, judging from the way its built.