Palm Sander

Choosing the best palm sander is a purchase that’s worth researching properly. To help you choose we’ve selected the top palm sanders on the market.

Of the many power tools manufactured today, you’ll probably find more varieties of sanders than other categories. A wide range of sanders have been produced through the years, and each one performs specific functions that are different from others. While there is likely to be some overlap between sanders, there are enough differences to compare styles. Palm sanders are considered by many as the most useful.

Top 3 palm sander reviews

Here we will compare three major brand palm sanders with a review of each.

Dewalt D26453K Random Orbit Sander

Dewalt d26453k Palm SanderDewalt D26453K
4.5 rating

DeWalt has a reputation for building professional tools, and the model D26453K orbit sander lives up to this.

It features a very solid 5 inch sanding width powered by a 3.0 amperage, variable speed motor.

It has the capability of connecting to an outside dust collection system, or the included dust bag can be used.

This palm sander is backed by a solid three year warranty from DeWalt.

Although this particular model has everything anyone would probably need, it doesn’t really distinguish itself from many other similar models.

As users would expect, it does an excellent job of sanding. The soft start motor does seem to start a tad slower than others, although this is probably by design. However, once up to speed, it’s a bit noisier than similar models in its class.

Also included is a comprehensive owner’s manual with some very useful information.

All in all, it is a rock solid palm sander.

Milwaukee 6021-21 Random Orbit Sander

The Milwaukee 6021-21 is a random orbital sander featuring a three amp variable speed motor.

It has a very comfortable ergonomic grip, although for smaller hands it could be a tad large. With that being said, this palm sander performs beautifully.

It seems to have much less vibration feedback compared to many comparable sanders.

An extensive five-year warranty is included, and this model is priced very reasonably.

This sander model definitely feels more like a heavy duty tool without actually being heavy.

There is an impressive feature set, but probably one of the more impressive aspects is that there is very little in the way of faults with this unit. Even a very rough and worn piece of wood stock can be turned into a beautiful, smooth piece of material almost effortlessly.

Many people are surprised at the price point, and the Milwaukee 6021-21 represents a terrific value.

Bosch ROS20VSK Random Orbit Sander

Bosch ros20vsk Palm SanderBosch ROS20VSK
4.5 rating

There really is a lot to get excited about when reviewing the Bosch ROS20VSK, because it has been recently redesigned, and the included features are very impressive.

The basic specifications include:

  • a 2.5 amperage variable speed motor that provides an excellent finish.
  • a micro filtration system does an excellent job of collecting fine sawdust. Also, this particular palm sander can be connected to your dust collection system if applicable.
  • this model is considerably quieter when comparing to other random orbit sanders. Vibration felt by the operator is surprisingly minimal.

The primary drawback to this model sander is the one year warranty, as many others run anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

The micro filter unit is an unusual addition. It is designed to collect fine sawdust that bag collectors often miss. This unique collection system when combined with the superior airflow really does quite an impressive job.

Other than the shorter warranty, the only other issue is that the dust canister lid is slightly difficult to open.

Overall, you simply cannot go wrong with the Bosch ROS20VSK.


All three of these models are excellent choices.

Finding the right palm sander often depends on the type of woodworking project you’ll be conducting and your brand preference.

Palm sanders have become the tool of choice for most woodworkers. It’s simply a matter of deciding which model will offer the most comfort, quality of finish and effective dust collection.