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For people who love to work with power tools and wood, having the right power tools can make all the difference in the world. Since there are always a variety of name brand tools that offer a wide array of features, it is important to look for a power tool that will provide all the right benefits, diversity and durability that the user finds important.

Most often a manufacturer will look to establish themselves in a given area as a leader for offering quality and durability so consumers feel a sense of confidence so they are willing to try a spectrum of their products with a sense of confidence.

One of the main industry leaders for quality tools is Bosch.

Bosch has been known as an international leader in the world of construction, power tools, manufacturing, as well as parts for the auto industry for over 125 years.

Their high quality standards in their product manufacturing are well known and this is certainly the case with their power tools. In fact, both professionals and hobbyists revere Bosch for their high standard of quality, their product diversity and durability in their power tool designs and ease of use.

One such product is the Bosch 1594K Handheld Planer. For woodworking lovers and woodworking professionals, cabinetry, floor and window specialists, the Bosch 1594K Handheld Planer certainly has established itself as a leader for modern planing devices. This planer has been widely reviewed and users rave about the how the product offers consumers a great deal of power, durability and diversity. The overall rating for this power tool by consumers is 4.6 out of 5 stars, making it one of the best rated power tools of this kind.

Some of the top features of the Bosch 1594K include:

  • a 6.5 Amp motor that features 16,500 RPM’s. Most users rave about the power in this little planer to get the job done well for both simple projects and the more complex ones.
  • a Ratcheting Depth Knob which offers a fool proof setting for depth increments. This is an important asset for woodworking as it makes precision a breeze and allows for deep cuts to be made without constant readjustments.
  • a Bevel Guide Fence for precision enhancement. This feature ensures consistent planing from 0° to 45° which lowers the risk for errors when working on a piece.

With regards to protection and safety of both the product and user, the Bosch 1594K Handheld Planer offers a host of important built in safety protections.

  • First the Bosch 1594K Planer has a built in protective shield that covers the section of blade that is not in use. This is important for both protection of the tool and for protection of the user.
  • It also comes with a Spring Loaded Park Rest Stand. This feature protects both the blade and the work piece.
  • The special shape of the Bosch 1594K Handheld Planer also allows for easy restart up in middle of any working piece.
  • The tool has also been especially designed for ambidextrous purposes. When designing this tool they added a Lock-off Release Button. This important feature was designed to help avoid accidental starts which have been known to cause a great many injuries for users.

Primary uses for this tool by many users are for construction use such as installing doors, windows and cabinets. However, it is also widely used for other creative projects as well.

Most users have found that the precision of this tool is top notch and they are quite happily surprised by the power of this tool as well as its diversity. Since the Bosch 1594K Handheld Planer also features a wood shavings collector, users have commented that they have a much cleaner working area with the use of this product.

Those who are in the profession of installing wood floors, doors, windows and cabinets that have purchased this product have raved about its diversity, ease of use, light wright construction and quality of end result once finished.

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What others are saying about Bosch 1594K?

It should be noted there are some product complaints that have arisen which is not uncommon for any product.

A few of the complaints against this product have come from some users that require more heavy duty use on a regular basis. While they stated the product is great for regular use, they often have a much more demanding power tool need than the standard user.

A few users have complained that they have purchased a lemon Bosch 1594K Planer, and that the planer had alignment issues. In addition, there are few complaints that the precision is not as high as their older 3258 planer. However, many users disagree with these complaints and have found the product to offer just the right amount of precision and have been quite pleased with the products ability to polish and create a smooth finish without jumping or catching.

Overall, the high majority of users have found this product to be a high quality Bosch product. This includes a vast majority of users who have used this product for their professional construction or wood product Installation Company. The majority of users that reviewed this product that have used it for professional uses include, cabinet installation companies, wood floor installation companies, and Wood window and door installation companies.

Additionally, reviewers were quite pleased with the cost of this product, the ease of use, the high quality and durability of the blades, the diversity for directing wood chip remnants, and the ease of use of this planer. This is especially true for beginners who have little experience using this type of power tool before.

Bosch 1594K Price

Most users of the Bosch 1594K Handheld Planer raved about its effectiveness and value for the money and are quite pleased that they made the investment. Price range for this product varies depending on where it is purchased. Most of the prices for this product both in stores and on the Internet are under $150.00.