Dewalt DW734 Planer

The Dewalt planer DW734 has three blades, a great depth gauge that can be preset, a cutter headlock and a 120V electric motor with 15 Amps of power. The cutting blades spin at 10,000 RPM and the two rubber drums of the automatic feed will hold your materials firmly as the blades cut through at 96 cuts per inch.

The cutting blades are reversible and can produce a nice finished look to your project. The cutting blades have a long life and are easy to reverse or change. One problem with the mounting hole configuration is that it makes it extremely hard for the cutting blades to be re-sharpened. Replacement blades can be purchased at three blades per pack at most hardware stores. The planer comes completely set up, right out of the box.

As the smaller of the two Dewalt planers, the DW734 bench-top machine weights in at eight pounds. It can plane wood that is six inches think and up to twelve and a half inches wide. The planer has a scale on its side that is divided into 1/32 inch, at 1mm graduations for accurate cutting. The scale helps the operator to set up for the proper height of the cutting blades. The handle will change the height of the cutting head by 1/16 of an inch for every full rotation.

Setting the planer to the exact height is easy. The black bar on the front of the planer must be lifted up to unlock the carriage-locking mechanism that is on the four columns. The cutting head can now be raised or lowered. After inserting the piece of material to be worked on, the handle needs to be rotated so the material will have contact with the gauge. When the material and gage meet, a red indicator arrow will begin to show up. As the cutting head is lowered, the red arrow will show how deep the planer is about to cut. The planer has a depth of 1/8 inch deep. The hardness of the wood and the width will make a difference on getting the proper cut. A two by six piece of pine is easy to place a 1/8 inch cut into but a planing 12-inch piece of maple will be harder. When cutting into maple the operator should first take a 1/16 inch cut, and then clean it up with a 1/32 inch cut for a perfect looking finish.

Once the height is set on the DW734 planer, the black bar needs to be pushed back down in order to lock the cutting head in the proper position. Now that the cutting head is locked, the red switch needs to be flipped so the materials can be fed through the machine. The rubber drums will pick up the tension from the materials that are being pushed through after about two or three inches and pull the materials along automatically.

Three common thicknesses can be set with a small dial that is on the right side of the planer. The settings will guarantee that the cutting will be no thinner then the ¼-inch, ½-inch or ¾ inch dialed on the planer. Setting the dial for the thickness that is desired and having the head stationary for all your cuttings will prevent the cutting head from making a deeper cut if you accidentally put through the same piece of wood twice.

The compact design of the Dewalt planer makes the machine easy to store. The machine has two metal handles that slide out from the top so the machine can be lifted onto the bench or into the back of a truck for traveling. The recommendation is that two people should life the machine, but one man can manage the planer if no one else is available. Consumers have stated how the planer works extremely smooth and is precise without any problems. They seem to like the four-inch dust hood and feel it does a great job at clearing the dust and chips away.

The Dewalt planer DW734 is a solid planer, constructed of quality materials, that has impressed many hobbyists and craftsmen. The metal in-feed and out-feed tables support longer boards and the planer stays level and cuts straight. The planer also has a handy attachment that will redirect the wood shavings away from the working area. When using the attachment for the shavings the out-feed table cannot be folded up. With the out-feed table always open, it does make it harder to store the planer in a smaller area. Many users like the in-feed and out-feed tables that are provided because they have an extra 33 ½ inches of support for their materials. The powerful 15 Amps make it easier for deeper cuts in hardwoods and give more versatility to the DW734 planer.