Dewalt DW735X

Most carpenters and construction enthusiasts see the need to have planers to help them even out wood. A planer is made for the purpose of smoothing and shaping wood in order to create high-quality furniture. There are different brands of planers and one of the most preferred choices is the DeWalt Planer DW735. DeWalt is known to provide tools and accessories to create any kind of equipment, furniture, and other construction needs. One of their products is planers that are made to be durable.

Dewalt dw735x Planer PackageDewalt DW735
3.5 rating

A particular model from DeWalt planers is called the DW735. The DeWalt Planer DW735 is one of the top choices of most experts.

The outward appearance of this planer actually is obvious in terms of quality and material. Other than that, further tests and actual usage has been done to show that this planer is worth investing in.

This tool does not come cheap! In fact, it is valued at $500-600. Even at this price, carpenters and construction experts still recommend using the product.

The reason behind this may still be unclear so here is the specific product review of this model.

Knowing the Product Features

Dewalt DW735X Speed Control

By looking into this product online, numerous websites offer this product in different ways. Its product features are highlighted which makes customers eager to buy it over others.

Some of the product features include a 15.0 Amp and 20,000 rpm motor to handle larger cuts, a three-knife cutter head for faster and easier shaping and smoothing, and a two speed gear box that is made to manually change the speed.

Other features include a fan-assisted chip ejection that vacuums the chips off from the cutter-head, a 19 ¾ cast aluminum base that is known to be durable, automatic carriage lock, thickness gauge and scale, and extra-large turret depth.

These features may all sound too technical especially for non-professionals who only want a reliable planer to make wooden furniture. In fact, all the product features are often unnoticed and people will only see the real capability of the planer on actual usage.

In order to make things simpler, here are few reviews gathered from actual owners and construction professionals.

Detailed Review

Looking into the Power – The DeWalt Planer DW735 requires 110 volts to run efficiently. It has a 15 AMP and 10,000 RPM-motor that powers up the cutter-head and runs to a belt drive. This comes with a safety circuit breaker that can be used by the owner in case there is a need to reset.

Collecting-Dust Capacity – The capability of this planer to actually collect dust is one of the smartest developments to date. It is one of the cost-effective measures since owners no longer need the help of a dust collector which saves a few more dollars on construction expenses. A review from a mechanical engineer stated that the dust collection of DW735 is efficient and there is not visible dust seen when the dust falls on clear plastic.

Dewalt DW735X Material Removal Gauge

Reviewing the Depth Lock – Thickness can now be controlled with the depth lock. It only allows a certain thickness from 1/8 inch to ¼ inch, to ensure that the wood is evenly shaped and smoothed out. This feature is already calibrated even at initial use.

Checking the Cut Indicator – Most of the time, experts will first check the accuracy of the planer by initially testing it for the first time. In regards to the DeWalt735 planer, experts agree that even at first usage, the cut indicator is functioning accurately. As a result, setting a planer is not a trial-and-error task with this model.

Determining the Thickness Setting – There are actual users who stated that this planer makes accurate adjustments for thickness. This is due to the 7-inch hand wheel that continually lowers and raises the cutting head in full motion.

The Downside

All equipment is made to be perfect but actual users always see actual imperfections. The DW735 has few minor downsides. One of which is the dust collector that needs to be clamped on the dust collector hose. Furthermore, extension tables are excluded upon purchase and these tables may be unavailable at some retail shops.

The DeWalt Planer DW735 certainly lives up to its promise of delivering high-quality wooden works. It may have limitations and minor downsides but it does offer a durable and high-end finish. This is a tool worthy of investment and can be used for a very long time.