Although most woodworking experts today would really like having a whole collection of routers in their workshops, not many can afford such extravagance.

Routers are essential for any woodcrafting business or hobby. However, most woodworkers have a long list of expenses crucial to running a workshop as a business or special interest.

Since many different tools are needed, why not shop for a multiple purpose router. These do-it-all power tools can provide ultimate quality workmanship and durability at very reasonable cost.

Selecting the best wood router

Before purchasing a do-it-all router, make sure it can satisfy the following six demands:

  1. Supply plenty of power for full operation of any bit, including the biggest and most popular panel raisers.
  2. Maintain speed on heavy-duty jobs with a variable-speed motor. This motor should be equipped with electronic feedback and soft-start action.
  3. Promote excellent balance, offering top-quality fixed-depth routing.
  4. Have smooth-operating, user-friendly plunge options and action.
  5. Offer easy adjustment through its base for bit height needed in router-table usage.
  6. Include major accessories like an edge guide, several different subbases with varied opening sizes and a storage/carrying case or soft cover.

If you are shopping for a new high-functioning router that can handle woodworking jobs of all types, consider buying one of these do-it-all brands.

Bosch 1617EVSPK Router Kit

Bosch Router Kit

This advanced 12-amp fixed and plunge base router has variable speed and a 2-1/4 horsepower motor (from 8,000 to 25,000 rpm). Its durable, well-designed case includes a great group of accessories like the quick-clamp mechanism, supporting motor movement from one base to another without use of extra tools. The motor has a helpful single-form armature shaft design. This feature assures precision and long bit shank functionality.

Bosch is well-known for its many woodworking, hardware and home improvement tools, and this modern router is one of the company’s most popular mechanical aids for woodcrafting.

More Features of This Popular Bosch Router

There are even more features and functions of this versatile new Bosch router to make your woodworking projects easier and simpler with better results, such as:

  • Constant-response circuitry: this feature assures you of even speed rates, regardless of load.
  • Precision centering: this function aids in stabilizing the bit on your cutline. It can be a great help when using all types of guidance tool devices like dovetail fixtures, templates and jigs
  • Microfine adjusting for bit depth: this system on both bases provides rapid, exact adjustment for bit depth.
  • Broad base openings: with wide base openings plus sub-base openings measuring two inches, larger bits can be used with improved visibility.

This Bosch router comes with soft-grip handles that are skillfully designed for excellent control and comfort. It also has dual switch locations—left and right, to meet your needs. The router’s power-on switch is dust-sealed, and its sturdy carrying case has multiple accessory compartments. This router weights 19.5 lbs. The collet capacity is 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inches, and 8 mm. Voltage is 120 V AC. This Bosch woodworking tool has a one-year limited warranty starting on the date of purchase.

Customer Response to the Bosch 1617EVSPK Router

Overall, customers have very favorable responses to using this Bosch router. They are impressed by its power, versatility and user-friendly design. However, some users report that it can develop a slight wobble in plunge mode.

Makita RT0700CX3 Compact Router Kit

Makita rt0700cx3 Compact Router Kit

This compact router from Makita is powerful and practical. Its 6.5-amp motor offers top performance with variable speed of 10,000 to 30,000 rpm. Conveniently adjust your speed to suit the needs of each woodworking job. To ensure precision settings, this power tool has fine-tuned rack-and-pinion depth adjustment. With its compact design, this router is easy to handle. Its speed control assures smooth speed under load. Tilt, offset and plunge bases can be installed easily.

Makita has gained a respected reputation for producing high quality power tools for all areas of home improvement and woodworking. This company is known also for its compact equipment designs.

More Features of This Makita Router

Other appealing and useful features of this compact Makita woodworking router include the following:

  • Accessories: the Makita router comes with useful accessories like collets and collet nuts, fixed, plunge, offset and tilt bases, straight guide, template guide, trimmer guide and side handle.
  • Tools: helpful tools in this Makita router kit include two steel wrenches, two dust nozzles and a tool bag.
  • Operating Mode: this Makita router operates on 120 volts of electricity with horsepower of 1.25.
  • Storage Bag: the router’s lightweight storage bag has convenient pockets for accessories.

Customer Response to the Makita RT0700CX3 Router

Many consumers like this router’s compact design. Another feature that wins favorable comments is the ease with which you can change bases. However, some users have complained that the plunge base locking lever is too short.

Dewalt DWP611PK Torque Variable Compact Router

Dewalt dwp611pk Compact Router Combo Kit

With its combination of high grade power, control and action, this Dewalt compact router is a great tool for woodworking jobs of all sizes and types.

Whether your project involves light beveling or detailed woodcrafting designs, this power tool will do a superior job.

It has a 1-1/4 horsepower motor and its design includes two LED lights for clear visibility. Choose either the fixed base or both fixed and plunge bases for your router. Its motor has complete electronic feedback to support smooth speed rates while cutting.

Dewalt is well-known for manufacturing excellent compact, but high power tools that are very durable and dependable, especially for detailed woodcrafting work. This company has full understanding of the need for total control when doing skilled woodworking.

More Features of This Compact Power Router from Dewalt

More features and functions that make this Dewalt router a very desirable power tool are:

  • D-Shaped sub-base: this design feature ensures stability when running edging profiles and completing quality woodcrafting.
  • Spindle lock: the spindle lock design includes a button for easy changing of bits.
  • Plunge base depth scale: this router’s plunge base has a precision depth marker and scale. It also includes a release and lock lever for sustaining each depth setting along with non-slip rubberized handles.
  • Five-step adjusting turret: this feature supports stepped cuts with use of the plunge base for professional accuracy.

This desirable Dewalt router has two tabs to facilitate fast, easy release of bases plus a movable clamp to ensure motor stabilization during heavy-duty woodworking. This durable router comes with a three-year warranty.

Customer Response to the Dewalt DWP611PK Router

Many users really like the fact that this compact power tool weighs just 8 lbs. Also popular with users are this router’s precision and flexibility. One minor complaint is that this tool can seem somewhat top-heavy when you use the plunge base for woodworking.

Porter-Cable 690LR 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router

Porter Cable 690lr Fixed Base Router

This high-power, effective router from Porter-Cable has a motor with 1-3/4 horsepower that produces 27,500 revolutions each minute for expert accuracy in cutting. Its double ergonomic handles make your most difficult routing work seem easier and less stressful. Accessories include collets suitable for use with 1/4 and 1/2-inch shank bits.3

This tool’s 11-amp motor is single-speed and extremely reliable. Easy coarse height adjusting can be performed by the cam-lock lever. The motor pack can be moved between the plunge base and the d-handle base with the aid of the fixed-base function for motor release. Excellent degrees of precision can be ensured by use of the micro depth adjustment feature, providing accuracy to within measurements of 1/128th of an inch. This router weighs only 8 lbs.

Porter-Cable power equipment is praised for its precision operation and design conveniences. This router’s parts are precision-made for the purpose of assisting woodworking experts and enthusiasts gain ideal results.

More Features of This High-Power Router from Porter-Cable

Additional features that make this Porter-Cable woodworking router one of high caliber include the following:

  • Sturdy construction: this power router from Porter-Cable has a rugged, durable precision-designed base and motor housing made of aluminum.
  • Dust-sealed components: even under heavy working conditions and stress, this router’s sealed ball-bearing structure and its dust-sealed operating switch help prevent damage or deterioration.
  • Rapid bit removal: this router has a collet system with auto-release to enable simple bit removal.
  • Superior design for stability: the motor is held stable during operation by a stop positioned beneath the table.

Customer Response to the Porter-Cable 690LR Router

Many woodworkers consider Porter-Cable routers to be the best made today. Some users really like the convenience of adding accessories as needed. Since this company produces large numbers of each item, full inventories are usually in stock. One minor complaint is that some of the micro adjustments need a little refinement. However, this router is constantly in high demand for woodworking of all types.


When shopping for the best power router for your woodworking business or hobby, be sure to first determine what types of projects you will need it for. If most of your woodworking consists of heavy-duty loads in rugged conditions, you will want a heavy-duty router. However, if most of your woodcrafting involves lightweight, art-oriented detail, choose a router designed for more delicate work. Select some accessories now and add more later, as needed.

Woodworking can be a very rewarding experience and a profitable business. Always choose woodcrafting tools best-suited for your projects and goals. By doing so, you will be well on your way to success with satisfied customers who admire your work.