Jet JPM-13cs Planer Molder

The JET JPM-13CS Stationary Planer is a closed, design combination molder/planner which provides reliable performance for all variations of the woodworking industry.

The machine is ideal for both apprentice and skilled craftsmen. It features heavy duty cast iron construction for the table base, this helps to reduce vibration. The surface of the table is made of hard plastic with an excellent drag coefficient and the ball bearings have contact seals on each side of the deep grooves. The low drag coefficient provides a good ratio for fatigue endurance.

Jet JPM-13cs Planer MolderJET JPM-13CS
4.5 rating

Given its four precision columns and built-in locking casters, the machine remains stable when raised or lowered.

This stationary planer has a three cutter heads with in and out adjustable, feed rollers. Additionally, the Planer has two speed gear boxes, which offer a slow feed rate and a high feed rate. The molding head produces precision cuts, and it accommodates 40 standard cutter sets.

This is ideal for cutting complex crown molding for furniture, for the home or to sell for profit. The crown molding jig (Elliptical/Curve Molding part Stock No. 708370 is not included. It has to be purchased separately from the manufacturer.

There are two knife setting tool gauges, one for planning and one for molding. In addition to the standard gauge, a special gauge is included JPM-13CS planer, designed for fast and easy setup of molding cutters. The adjustable radius is designed for cutting straight or for cutting a perfect ellipse, up to 18 inches. For easy adjustment the planer does include wrenches and knife jacking screws in the cutter head. Customers may also request specially made cutter sets.

With a feed rate that measures 20 FPM, and a high quality aluminum exterior housing, the JET 708524 JPM-13CS Stationary Planer is not only durable but it delivers smooth, precision planed finish. The JET 708524 three cutter head design produces accessible molded stock, when the slow feed rate is selected.

Included with the purchase of the JET 708524 is a 5 year warranty. This unit ships directly from the manufacturer and it has a suggested retail price of $1,347, with a sale price of $1,120. However, it is possible to purchase the planer online at discount outlets for $952 to $1,008.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

One of the major advantages of the JET JPM-13CS is the reasonable price, when it’s compared to stationary planners from other manufacturers. The JET is a very good value. The molding cutter head accommodates standard cutter sets easily, unlike smaller heads which can be dangerous because the blade guard and the planning knives have to be removed. The JET 708524 saves time because the head can be installed without removing the planning knife.

Another advantage is that if there’s a problem with the molder/planner the manufacturer offers additional assurance for service and support. The “Red Assurance Protection Plan” which guarantees a speedy turn around time for authorized service center repairs and assistance in locating parts and routine maintenance is also included.

A disadvantage is that the JET 708524 JPM-13CS Stationary Planer doesn’t provide smooth, consistence cuts on Quarter Sawn oak. Some users reported that the unit works well with light use but offers patchy cutting when the automatic feed is selected for heavy use. There appears to be an issue with the feed controls, it is suggested that adjustment is needed when the JET 708524 is delivered from the factory. If the unit is not adjusted immediately upon delivery, it is most likely going to require service and maintenance in a repair shop.

A second disadvantage also noted with heavy use and certain wood types (QS oak) the planer was not stable and shook during use, enough to interrupt the quality of wood, producing flaws in the finish.

Overall Impression:

The JET 708524 JPM-13CS Stationary Planer performance varied. Sometimes, it works well and other times users reported a number of issues. One of which is that the automatic feed has intermittent problems, occasionally the automatic feeder jams up and requires manual feed. The gear unit on the automatic feed is faulty, due to poor design and an inadequate size.

The unit works best when adjusted prior to use. And to avoid problems and to protect the investment, it is recommended that all-purpose paste wax be used on the cast iron table. This also improves the performance of the adjustable feed rollers.

JET includes an instructional video with the purchase of this unit. It does require routine tweaks and adjustments, as it is not a maintenance free model. Owners will need to be comfortable changing and installing planer blades and molding knives.

Although table extensions for the JPM-13CS planer are optional, the use of extensions may help with reducing snipe.

Additionally, other users reported that some online retailers sold reconditioned units as new. The reconditioned units were not reduced to reflect that they were used or returns. Instead the user only found out upon opening the outside packaging to determine that the box was not sealed from the manufactured. In one instance, the blade of one of the tool panels was bent and the protective cover over the belt was also damaged. And underneath the protective cover, it hid an unplugged connector. The unplugged connector was only discovered when the unit would not power on.

Overall, other than occasional or intermittent problems, the JET 708524 JPM-13CS Stationary Planer worked as expected. There were not any manufacturer flaws that caused performance problems. Apparently users, who did report problems, unfortunately were sold refurbished or used units. It performed best on the fast setting with light use and on the slow setting for heavy use.

If the JET 708524 JPM-13CS Stationary Planer does require maintenance or repair, authorized service centers are located in each of the 50 states. Look for a red label on a genuine, sealed package to verify that it is indeed a new unit.