Makita 2012nb

The Makita 2012NB Benchtop Planer has three important distinctions that when brought together, bring you a clear-cut winner: Price, Portability and Performance.

Priced in a very competitive range, the 2012NB is extremely affordable and jam-packed with features making it a favorite of contractors.

The small footprint and light weight delivers portability that will encourage you to bring it along to every jobsite.

The professional and trouble-free performance will keep you coming back time and time again.

Makita’s 2012NB offers a variety of features typically reserved for more upscale, stationary models.

  • The disposable double-edge planer blade allows for quick and easy blade changes and economical replacements that you can easily keep on hand.
  • It’s strong-footed and solid foundation with large table extensions keeps the unit stable.
  • Fully adjustable depth stops allow for ease of use when repeated cuts are required.
  • A rugged 15 amp, 8500 rpm motor ensures smooth operation at its maximum capacity feed rate of 28 feet per minute. Despite its’ power, the motor runs exceptionally quiet, making it the perfect choice for residential applications.

The 2012NB will easily adjust to accept a maximum thickness of 6 3/32 inches, allowing for precision planning on the go. An optional dust hood attachment offers the ability to keep your environment clean and safe. Equipped with Makita’s Interna-Lok automated head clamp which will virtually eliminate snipe.

The Makita 2012NB Benchtop Planer is a perfect choice for fine woodworkers and finish carpentry. Ease of operation and complete versatility allow you to produce exceptional results without spending thousands of dollars on oversized, heavy and inflexible stationary machines.

I recently used the 2012NB to craft a roll-top desk. While machining the tambour slats, I ran short of stock and found the depth stops to be dead-on in producing exact duplicates. When it came time to make the desktop, my glue-ups were perfectly flat and required very little finishing to produce perfect alignment.

I found the units light weight gave me a distinct advantage, in that I was able to place it into the ideal position for each application, despite my extremely tight quarters.

In another application, I was making a custom coffee table. I put this unit through its paces, milling a beautiful slab of cypress into impressive top and side panels.

Since then, I’ve used the 2012NB for many species of wood and I was really surprised to see how well it stood up to the challenge. I also relied heavily on the 2012NB when I had to retrofit custom panels in a divided wall unit for a storage room at a bank. I saved a lot of time and labor because of the ease of setup and ability to repeat cuts without having to meticulously measure, check and recheck each board.

I was also relieved by the lack of noise, and therefore, lack of complaints by my extremely sensitive neighbors, who share a joint space within the same building that my shop is in.

The 2012NB handled 8/4 hard Maple with ease and the Interna-Lok came through with smooth, snipe free boards. I’ve used many different planers over my thirty years of woodworking and none offered the combination of features and performance that I’ve found in this unit.

I will tell you that I hesitated when I heard about the “disposable” blades but the magnetic holders made changing them and aligning them a snap. I also noticed that these blades were stocked locally in home centers and specialty stores at reasonable prices, making them easy and affordable to keep in truck stock.

I have been using this particular unit for well over a year and have yet to have any regrets about my decision. It’s stacked up neatly against machines that were twice the cost and the Makita didn’t suffer from any performance issues.

In today’s unstable economic climate, I’ve been very cautious before investing in any new equipment. When the motor seized on my nine year old “elephant” I did a lot of research on planers in general. I looked at high end, heavy duty stationary machines and new model, lightweight “portable” units. I read the reviews, checked the magazines and researched comments on the web.

My choices were narrowed down to two units. I decided to put my faith into the Makita because of the success I’ve had with their other products. I certainly haven’t been disappointed. My guys have given me lots of great feedback and now they “fight” over who has to use my other portable planer. The Makita 2012NB Benchtop Planer was one of the best investments that I’ve made in the past year. I actually just purchased two more units to complete a major contract that I have underway. Trust your gut, this machine is all is cracked up to be and more.