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If you want a reliable blade sharpener with plenty of high end features, the Makita 9820-2 Blade Sharpener might be the blade sharpener for you.

This outstanding sharpener comes equipped with a grinding wheel, blade holder, a water feed for cooling blades and a quiet 560 rpm motor that will leave your blade with a fine finish and a sharp edge.

There are many sharpeners out there, but the Makita is the best sharpener for the money.

Makita 9820-2 Horizontal Wheel Wet Blade SharpenerMakita 9820-2
4.1 rating

Aluminum Oxide Wheel

The large 7 7/8 inch aluminum oxide wheel spins almost silently to maintain a user friendly sound level for the user.

The aluminum oxide construction has high thermal conductivity that spreads the heat from the metal on metal contact so that fluctuation in the metal is kept to a minimal.

Aluminum oxide does not break down in water which makes it a perfect balanced wheel for the water cooling system.

The hardness and the abrasiveness combined makes this wheel one of the most sought after in the market.

Horizontal Wheel Positioning

The horizontal positioning of the wheel gives more control to the user. A vertical wheel has the tendency to wobble during operation which can nick the blade or cause the blade to have an uneven edge. The horizontal wheel provides a congruent surface that allows the pressure of the blade to spread evenly over the wheel’s surface. The blade can then be manipulated by the user to get the sharpest edge possible for the grade of metal being sharpened.

Wet Sharpener Cooling System

The water cooled system for this Makita can sharpen and reshape almost any cutting tool from scissors to lawn mower blades. They get the job done without the normal risks associated with the traditional bench grinder. It is virtually impossible to have overheating or the bluing of steel as the sharpening processes is cooled. There is dust flying around or sparks flying that is the norm for the traditional grinder equipment.

Blade Holder

The blade holder is a safety feature that is a must with any sharpener. The holder will hold the blade securely into place as the wheel is manipulated to produce a sharp edge. Without the holder, the blade could move and create a jagged edge, nicks, or at worth physical injury to the user. The holder is adjustable to fit most blades. The holder has adjustable knobs that adjust the holder to get at the right angle for the ultimate edge.

Quiet Motor

The quiet 560 rpm motor gives you the speed you need to hone hard steel or other denser metals, but at the same time, it is quiet. Most traditional dry grinders produce a high pierced screech that can be nerve wracking to hear. The loud noise could distract the user causing injury or a misshapen edge. The motor of the Makita is set for lower decibels and with the wet blade combination leaves the workshop a more harmonious place to work.

Easy Transporting

The Makita sharpener weighs only 27 pounds. This allows for easy transportation from one spot to the other. Many traditional sharpeners could weigh twice that much putting a burden on the user in terms of transport and work space. The dimensions of the sharpener are 6.2 x 13.1 x 10.6 inches. This allows for maximum usage with minimum space. The versatility of the unit will allow the user to work from a workbench, the back of a pickup truck, or on a secure saw horse work area.


Every Makita power tool product is backed by a thirty day warranty. That means if you are not happy with the performance or the product in general, Makita will give you your cash back. Every Makita power tools is inspected thoroughly before leaving the factory. If there is a defect in your tool, Makita will replace or give you a refund. If a defect arises in your sharpener within one year of purchase, the tool will be replaced or repaired at a Makita factory or one of its authorized service centers.

Last Words

The Makita 9820-2 is versatile, quiet, dependable, light weight, and is made to sharpen most blades or metal surfaces. The price is competitive with most sharpeners on the market today, but with the added, bonus features, it is the best piece of equipment for the price. Makita is known for having the best tools in the business, and this sharpener does not deviate from that reputation.